* Joseli Leites de Oliveira

Awesome! The best instructor is Otávio Frasca! He has patience, professionalism and a wide range of equipment, all with great safety forthe athlete, the kitesurf became my main sport thanks to him

* Lauro Juliano

Fantastic Course!! Otavio is a great instructor. His first precaution is with the safety of the athlete what I think that is most important because the accidents usually happen when you are beginner. He is a calm and patient instructor, it helps a lot when you are learning since It´s not an easy sport but after you once had started, you will never stop. 

* Guilherme  Morassutti

Muito bom!!! O curso é excelente e o Otávio proporciona toda a segurança com o conhecimento necessário para ensinar os seus alunos. Recomendo 100% para quem quer aprender e iniciar no esporte. Além disso após concluir o curso Otávio continua acompanhando, auxiliando e dando mais dicas que facilitam a evolução. Parceira muito boa!!!

*Pedro Frasca 

The KiteSurf Adventure is the best school of kite that I do! ! Otavio Frasca teacher takes great care with his students in teaching the correct mode of kitesurfing!

* Guilherme Zanin

 Otavio is a great teacher! He helped me to learn one of the best sports that I have in my life. He showed me how to set up a kite, launching, landing, self rescue and other important details when I did some rookie mistakes. I recommend to all my friends to have classes with Kiteadventure!

* Yukio Yasui

I really enjoyed the experience with my course! My teacher is very competent and he is very serious about how to teach his students.

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